Mazda's principles and actions reflect its deep concern for the safety of its employees as well as the environment. Employees at the manufacturing sites undergo a gadget safety and fire-fighting training programme before their induction. Regular health check-ups and hygiene maintenance ensures a safe and healthy workplace. All these measures have resulted in an absolutely accident-free record at Mazda.

As a concerned corporate citizen, Mazda attaches paramount importance to the preservation and enrichment of the physical environment, as is reflected by our sophisticated Effluent Treatment Plants. We are committed to developing and adhering to the highest standards in key areas of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety. We understand that the key to sustainable growth is not only the increasing volumes year on year, but also absorbing and implementing global EHS principles. We set, achieve and review EHS objectives annually. We also continually research and adopt alternative, greener technology to reduce pollutant levels. Our plants and processes are designed and maintained using the most environment-friendly technology.